icon1About Telford Aviation, Inc.

Telford Aviation, Inc. (TAI) is a globally-experienced provider of agile, proficient support services to the DoD and other government agencies. TAI acquires, modifies and sustains aircraft under the most demanding situations. TAI’s Subject Matter Experts deliver both technical and operational performance-based solutions to all aviation Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) requirements including Aircraft Acquisition and Lease, Integration & Modification, Aircraft Maintenance, and Contractor Flight Operations. As a veteran owned business, TAI understands the benefits derived from employing a workforce that has both military bearing and attention to detail. For this reason, TAI has developed an employee pool that consists of 45% veterans.

TAI directly supports aviation-based efforts to provide sustainable solutions for COCO, GOCO, and GOGO programs. TAI provides support from aircraft acquisition to successful demobilization by augmenting capability gaps with responsive

teams who contribute unmatched services.TAI accomplishes this through interoperable systems that promote warfighter effectiveness. TAI maintains industry-leading, Mission Capable (MC) rates (on average: 95% fleet wide) across all programs through unprecedented, monthly Operational Tempos (OPTEMPOs) of +400hrs per aircraft when required in austere locations across the globe.

TAI is a low-cost, limited-footprint solution for assisting International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) with crew coordination using unique, mission-equipped aircraft. TAI continues to provide a presence of deployed personnel including a Flight Operations Manager, Flight Standards Manager, Chief Pilot, Chief Flight Instructor, US Army-qualified Aviation Safety Officer, combat mission planners, FAA certified A&P mechanics with Inspector Authorization, L3 Wescam certified Primary Mission Equipment mechanics, and Subject Matter Experts for any skillset we deploy.