icon1Flight Manual & Training Development

ARL-E is a multifunction, reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence system developed and fielded by the US Army. ARL-E provides tactical commanders with near-real-time, airborne communications and multi-Intel functions utilizing the DHC-8 airframe (designated as an Army RO-6A). ARL-E supports full-spectrum operations from the tactical to strategic levels including domestic relief and humanitarian aid. TAI has been tasked to provide CLS and maintenance support in addition to developing pilot-differences curriculum that describes the use of the RO-6A’s militarized equipment.

TAI is currently developing curriculum for the following mission equipment:

  • -TACAN-Tactical Air Navigation System
  • -Digital Radar Warning Receiver & Electronic Warfare Management System
  • -Universal Avionics Radio Control Unit
  • -Radio Set Control C-12561A/ARC
  • -ICS-120/220 Iridium Communications System
  • -ARC-210 VHF/UHF Multimode Radio
  • -AN/AAR-57(V) Common Missile Warning System
  • -ALE 47 Chaff and Flare Dispenser
  • -APR 39 Threat Warning Sensors
  • -Blue Force Tracker
Under the ARL-E program, TAI has also been tasked to develop the Dash 10 Technical Flight manual for the RO-6A. Combined, these tasks further demonstrate TAI’s abilities and commitment to provide world class training and technical manuals.

“The Telford ARL-E team is made up of highly experienced pilots, A&P maintainers, and technical-training developers, who all have prior military and commercial experience. We are proud to have fielded a team that has over 100 years of combined, active-duty-military service who understand exactly how to support the warfighter.”

Glenn Friar

ARL-E Project Manager