icon1Aircraft Maintenance & Support

As a preeminent maintenance provider, Telford’s success relies on selecting mechanics that can perform maintenance in customer-driven, Quick Response Capability timeframes, austere conditions and remote locations.  By choosing the best of the best, Telford mechanics continually deliver safe, airworthy aircraft that exceed the customer’s contractual requirements.

To maximize customer utilization of aircraft assets, Telford provides:

  • -FAA licensed A&P mechanics
  • -FAA Inspection Authority mechanics 
  • -AR 95-20  compliant operations
  • -Electronic maintenance tracking system (SMART) to monitor, update and schedule maintenance activities in real time
  • -Complete records and publications control and storage
  • Aircraft Survivability Equipment maintenance

Telford provides aircraft-maintenance services with FAA certified, A&P Mechanics at CONUS and OCONUS locations that are designed to support 24/7/365 continuous operations. Telford’s CONUS repair stations are capable of supporting OCONUS, FAA-approved, efforts in support of maintenance beyond the scope of the A&P mechanic.

Telford’s repair stations have the current capability to perform:

  •  -Major repairs
  • -Hot Section Inspections
  • -OEM engineering support
  • -Engine and propeller changes
  • -On site modification kit installation
  • -Altimeter/Transponder recertification
  • -Ground Support Equipment maintenance
  • -Inspections using SMART tracking system

At Telford, our maintenance teams understand the concept of “Mission Accomplishment” and “Team Before Self”. Our dedicated staff modifies and maintains several types of aircraft within the United States and OCONUS, under the harshest of conditions, without interruption. As a result of these efforts, our mission completion rate is among the highest in our theaters of operation. Through proven Contractor Logistics Support practices, Telford provides customers with over 96% Operational Availability Rates under high operational tempos in all Areas of Responsibility.

Telford currently maintains the following aircraft:

  • -Shorts Brothers – 330 & 360                          -De Havilland – Dash 6, 7, & 8              
  • -Beechcraft – King Air 90, 200, 300 & 350      -Cessna – Caravan