General Information Sheet (click to download PDF)
*New vendors must complete this form before payments can be processed.

Telford Aviation, Inc. W-9 (click to download PDF)

General Information

Telford Aviation, Inc. current terms status - 30 days upon receipt of invoice

Current Check run status
Check run approvals are completed on the 15th and the month's end. Once approved, the voucher is processed in 1-2 days. Vendors will be able to request the status of a payment by email on aforementioned days.

Accounts Payable Transactions
The following narrative describes the flow of telephone and email inquiries from internal and external sources regarding Accounts Payable Transactions.

All vendor inquires and internal inquiries regarding payment status of an invoice, or issues with payment terms should be routed to:
414.877.1300 ext. 7111

Voicemail and Email Response Time

Internal customers will be responded to promptly.

Response to vendors will be within one business day upon receipt of the voicemail or email.